6 Things People Absolutely Hate About Your Sales Funnel
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Written by Tracy White on May 7th, 2016
When it comes to landing pages and their performance, there’s nothing more important than the process of optimizing the landing page to suit your visitors.

After all, if all your visitors hate your landing page, how could you ever make any sales?

In this article, I will cover the six most hated parts and features of your landing page, the reasons behind people hating them and how you can fix them to increase your sales fast.

The key to this whole process is understanding the behaviour of your customers to be able to tune these fixes fine to your specific audience, so if you’re not already measuring all the different metrics that actually run your business, I suggest you get right on it – now.

These fixes will work with any landing page, though, so stick along for the ride and learn how to battle those hideous and annoying features of your landing page that are preventing you from getting successful. Let’s go!

#1 "Poor (Or Lack Of) Mobile Optimization"
Funnels 2 Sales
As many of you might know, Google’s so-called “mobilegeddon” has been in town for a bit over a year now and is showing no signs of stopping.

New algorithm updates and tweaks are coming each month to make sure Google can provide the best possible user experience for their mobile searchers, meaning it will become increasingly difficult over time to gain back those lost search engine rankings without proper mobile optimization.

However, that is not the only reason why you need to have proper mobile optimization for your landing page.

Over 80% of internet users on this planet use a mobile device to access the internet. What that means is that in all likelihood at least one-third of your landing page visitors are surfing on a mobile device, whether that is a smartphone, a tablet or a smart watch.

Understanding that sheer number of potential customers who find your landing page, can’t get it to work properly due to poor mobile optimization and leave is usually enough to scare you into starting the mobile optimization process straight-away, but let’s take this one step further.

I know I said potential customers in the previous paragraph, and I truly meant it. You know why? Because 70% of mobile searches lead to action within an hour of entering the website. Now if that doesn’t scare you to believe you’re losing potential customers right and left then nothing can.

But how can you fix this situation?

Well, first of all, it depends on a whole lot on the landing page tool or CMS you’re using, but the simplest way of fixing poor mobile optimization is to use a proper landing page builder like ClickFunnels. We provide you with an integrated feature to preview, customize and optimize your landing pages for mobile devices directly in our builder.

If you’re not using a tool such as ClickFunnels, don’t worry, the fixes are still the same, but the way to implement them varies a lot. I suggest you check out this guide I wrote some months back to truly dive into the different aspects of perfecting your mobile user experience.

#2 "Poor Display Of Call To Actions"
Funnels 2 Sales
Let’s face it, call to actions or CTAs are the one final key to getting a visitor from the potential stage to convert to a paying customer. And that’s why you need to make sure your CTAs are properly displayed.

Make sure the colours are a match to your colour theme, but also that they are in accordance to colour psychology. The text needs to be easily legible and of course, the CTA button needs to look spectacular. Oh, and remember that spectacular doesn’t always mean a big flashy button that causes epilepsy, most of the times spectacular is stylish and controlled.

Not only does the display need to be proper, but also the CTA itself. The wording makes a whole lot of difference here, and you must not sound pushy or too much of a 60s vacuum cleaner salesman, but rather to the point “I can help you make things better” type of person. Keep it short and sweet, but don’t forget the actionable part of it.

A quick fix to this is to research the different types of CTAs that are known to work, and here’s a great list of different CTAs found all over the internet and some analysis on why they work and how to make your own CTAs work for you.
#3 "The Length Of Your Landing Page"
Funnels 2 Sales
Look, if you’re selling a simple service or product, such as a book or a, well, a vacuum cleaner, then there’s no need to have the landing page be as long as the book itself. Or the vacuum cleaner’s user manual and warranty information booklet.

The point is, make it nice and short for a smaller and more affordable ask, or a product that is a really common item, and longer for a bigger ask or a new and innovative product you need to demo at the same time to prove it works.

But do not underestimate the power of a well-written and beautifully designed landing page that is very detailed and long, because those types of landing pages definitely have their purposes and are incredibly convincing and reassuring in the eyes of the customer.

However, keep it reasonable, as there are plenty of successful companies whose landing pages include less than 1000 words of copy.

And then there’s Amazon with their Kindle stuff, which is almost 5000 words and still works wonderfully. Well, I don’t have their metrics to say that, but it’s Amazon, they would have changed and tweaked it already if it didn’t work.

But there you have it, an idea as to how long the landing page should be and the approximate ideal length, which is anywhere between the Impact’s 207 words to that monster Amazon calls a landing page.

Also, never forget to TEST your landing page. Split testing is really simple with proper tools, and you always get statistical proof of what works for you.
#4 "Distracting Autoplay Videos"
Funnels 2 Sales
I could make a thousand link long list of people hating videos that are on autoplay on websites, but that wouldn’t be too helpful, so I’ll just leave this here for you to know that hatred for auto-playing videos truly exists.

Instead, I’ll focus my efforts on this section of the article on helping you to fix that problem, which is really simple.

Remove the autoplay from your landing page videos and add a nice and large play button on the video. That way you’re making sure visitors don’t get confused as to what they should be doing and leave.
#5 "A Poor Headline"
Funnels 2 Sales
Never in a million years has the importance of headlines been stressed enough, especially when it comes to landing pages.

I’ll start off with the why this time because it makes you understand why this is seriously important in under eight seconds. The reason is that people have an approximately eight seconds long attention span, and you need to capture their attention within those eight short seconds.

Did I succeed in getting your attention in under eight seconds as to why you need to make sure your headline is amazing?

Good, because then we can get to the fix.

Short and sweet applies here too, and it needs to grab the attention as well, so that’s what similar with the CTA. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s it, as you really need to make sure the visitor understands what your landing page is about in under eight seconds. It’s not enough to sell your product in a short and actionable sentence, you need to give them a reason to read on.

And that’s a lot more difficult than you might think.

That’s why professionals and beginners alike should split test their headlines, every single time. More about split testing headlines can be read here in one of my previous articles about landing page split testing.

#6 "No Value Before Asking For The Sale"
Funnels 2 Sales
The final piece of hatred your landing page gets is the easiest one to fix and probably the most efficient one of them all, at least if considering the time it takes to fix it and comparing that to some sales you get as a direct result.

Never ask for a sale before you prove the value of your service or product to the customer. Never.

Whether you decide to give the customer value in the form of a free eBook or have plenty of testimonials attesting to the value of your product you just described to the customer, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you do provide the customer with value, or at least proof of the existence of said value if they buy the product, before asking them to buy it.

Because why would you buy something you don’t believe is not useful and valuable to you in the slightest?

And there you have ladies and gentlemen, you’ve made it to the end. Congratulations, you now possess the knowledge required to make those sales soar in from you landing page like never before.

If you need help with online marketing or building intelligent funnels to generate leads, convert sales and create raving fans for your business, we can help. Simply click the "get a quote" button below and then schedule a 30-minute strategy session so we can give you a blueprint for being successful online based on our experience of "what's working now" in the world of online marketing and advertising.
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